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LLeco investment / consulting  & Florea Group One SLU

LLECO -The Lleco Group consists of 3 of the leading companies in the field of Tourism Investment.

LOGUERS - Within the top-5 Sales & Marketing consultants for hotels in Greece; with more than 120 hotels in 20 destinations.

LOGGIA - Software studio having developed the leading Vacation Rental PMS for Greece & Cyprus; used by more than 6K properties.

FLOREA GROUP - Based in Spain, leader on national and foreign capital

Generating more than €45.000.000 of annual revenue for our partners in the Hotel and Luxury Villas industry . Lleco manages projects ranging from 2M to 300M in total investment capacity.

We fully manage 230 Luxury Villas in Crete and conduct Sales for 120 hotels in 20 tourist destinations all over Greece. We have successfully completed investment projects and consulted our partners on how to maximise their income.

Specialised know-how; awareness of competition; market and amenities requirements; knowledge of what travellers ask for: these factors will be the key to your next investment in the luxury tourism industry.


Rental Management

Etouri is the leading vacation rental company in Crete (and 2nd best in sales across the whole of Greece). Currently it is the most wanted vacation rental company in Crete working with only 10% of the villas available due to its highest standards and provision of a 24/7-guest support and concierge service.

Collaborators range from international TV shows (ex. BBC) to high fashion brands (ex. Giorgio Armani) hence building a brand that will ensure the operational success of your




Awarded Sales & Marketing Performance

Loguers is the largest Hotel Sales & Marketing consultant in Crete and within the top 10 of Greece.

The company has been awarded for its services in both “Hotel Sales” and “Multichannel Marketing Strategy” at the Tourism Awards. This know-how will create high annual sales for the project and secure the ROI.



A compelling combinati expertise and resources.

In today's competitive market it is vital to take advantage of every opportunity out there. Our main objective is to increase both the overall revenue and, at the same time, the share of direct reservations with an intensive marketing plan. We carefully analyse market trends and the competition.

It being an integral part of the project, you will never be left alone while getting the maximum possible return of your investment.

on of


6 offices in 3 locations (Athens, Heraklion & Rethymno in Crete) and more than 50 employees supporting and operating investments in the Luxury segment of the Greek tourism industry.

Influence within the industry & community


  •   Local knowledge 

  •   Lobbying within the industry’s affairs at a national level

  •   Direct communication with CEOs of the largest OTAs

  •   Supporting local communities 

  •   Special contracts with third-party collaborators (ex. large tour operators) for our partners

Preferential agreements with the largest OTAs guaranteeing lower commissions Close relations with local / national authorities

  ●    Partnership with the major systemic banks of Greece

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Here to help you profit from the booming luxury tourism sector of Crete.

A properly structured and realistic business plan to invest in the Luxury Tourism Industry put together by 3 of the top leading companies in the market, not only in Crete but also in the whole of Greece.

After 15 years in the tourism industry, Lleco has managed to gain significant experience and develop a strong network of selected partners leading to the creation of a targeted strategy for a successful investment action.

Lleco will find the right investment for you aiming to benefit from the expansive growth of the tourism industry in Crete.

Invest in the Luxury Tourism Segment of Crete, Operate, and Sell with a high ROI


Any type of investment in the luxury segment of tourism in Crete at this time is a success in itself. That combined with the expertise of the professionals in Lleco will secure a high ROI and set the basis for a future sale with large profits.

3 Steps to success

Develop or buy; operate for 5 years with high annual returns; and then sell taking advantage of the rise in prices and real estate value in Crete.

  • ●  Acquire land and develop Luxury Villas or Hotels under a pattern that is commercially successful and set by experts in the field.

  • ●  Operate the business at the highest level of performance ensuring a high annual return.

  • ●  At the end of its cycle, the value of the investment will be strengthened by the new infrastructure on the island, the matured industry and the high demand offering the opportunity of a large profit sale.

Take advantage of the current status of the real estate market on the island. Crete is one of the few places that you could acquire beachfront properties.

Our professional services include consulting before, during and after the development. Lleco undertakes all operational activities.

The status of the investment after a period of 5 years will be multiplied by a least 3 times in case a sale is decided.

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