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Lleco and Florea Group One may undertake a long list of tasks, services and responsibilities before, during and after the project.
First and foremost we are here to help you.

We allocate our time and resources for our partners. We share and take advantage of our assets, people and outsources for the benefit of our investors and projects.

Florea Group One SLU - real estate investment consulting



The Lleco team acts on behalf of the investor - if needed - as far as legal representation is concerned.

  • Legal advisors / Lawyers

  • Notaries

  • Accountants

  • Financial advisors

  • Banks

Business Operation

Operate Luxury Villas or Hotels under a plan that is commercially successful and set by professionals in the following fields:

  • Sales & Marketing Consulting

  • Revenue & Reservation Management

  • Future Sale with a large profit


Project Management


The Lleco team will be responsible for the

organising and coordination of all stakeholders participating in the construction of the project.

A selected network of partners:

  •   construction companies

  •   architects, civil engineers

  •   interior designers & decorators

  • provides a careful and professional collaboration at the highest standards of the market.

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